Shifting focus from features to what technology affords the whole human experience.

inclusive human design thinking

Hyper focus on product / market fit is the footrace for growth, MRR and performance. 

Yet we are always shifting the focus and making micro adjustments to keep an eye out for pitfalls versus simple racing for table stakes in the product or app race. 

Recently I was inspired by Sydney May’s recent article that invites us to six considerations for developing technology solutions to support organizational knowledge sharing as I spend a lot of my day thinking about digital employee experience, learning and well-being. Which is why “to see beyond the features and focus on what the technology” can enable, invite, and inspire.  Especially as we spend a lot of time thinking about hybrid work environments of late.  It is paramount we become perspective seekers.  On a journey to belonging, inclusion and human centered design. 

Today during a Club House room, we spent a great deal of time speaking about the importance of capturing the user journey in a quest to ensure that every employee feels welcomed, valued, and supported.  All the while aspiring to create engagement and equal opportunities. 

As we think about digital experience, what are we doing to capture the sentiment along the journey.  Whether they are on their learning or buyers’ journey, our hope is to create digital experiences that foster the willingness of the user on their journey to tap in.  Not just to chat, interact or collaborate, but more importantly their wellbeing.  The scope far expands beyond the digital experience.  It is the intersection of the human and digital experience with focus on the whole-being. 
In the meantime, I will continue my relentless pursuit of intent to empower the world to flourish.

Well-being Community

If we think in terms of 2020, it was often viewed as a challenge for a year of stress.  With the advent of the virus, the incident that occurred with respect to George Floyd and the social justice efforts that resulted coupled with a competitive general election with a drastic shift of the workplace working from home.  It created innumerable stress and anxiety.  The pandemic has been nothing short of a time out, in fact a global time. 

Which is why I have been focusing my personal energy toward the work around how we can live a rich and meaningful life in the time of crisis and beyond.  Jumping into discussions around the wellness ecosystem and how we can invite in new people process and technology to facilitate deep and meaningful change for a new wellness framework.  From normalizing mental health to finding ways for individuals to increase their own wellness. 

It has been exciting to see senior leaders across organizations are normalizing discussions around mental health, diversity equity and inclusion as well as conversations around meditation, coaching and support systems.  Taking these into wireframe discussions around experiences and online journeys to allow focus on the individual for the first time.  Focus on easy navigation, deeper scientific approaches to surface content, coaches and assessment feedback on capabilities or mental health which allow people to immediately get the support needed at their moment of learning need.  In essence flattening or becoming an omnichannel for self-assessment, service, and support for one’s whole wellness.

I look forward to engaging in the conversations to focus on cultures that look out for each other, become more observant to help one another and check in online and in person all the while working toward technology and business solutions that offer up a much deeper whole wellness discussion that is far beyond today’s crisis but has a scientific view of the whole human more so than ever before.

In the meantime, would appreciate your thoughts around this notion of interactive health technology and the work at: Body as Starting Point 4: CHI2021 Workshop on inbodied interaction – Wellthlab