Shifting focus from features to what technology affords the whole human experience.

inclusive human design thinking

Hyper focus on product / market fit is the footrace for growth, MRR and performance. 

Yet we are always shifting the focus and making micro adjustments to keep an eye out for pitfalls versus simple racing for table stakes in the product or app race. 

Recently I was inspired by Sydney May’s recent article that invites us to six considerations for developing technology solutions to support organizational knowledge sharing as I spend a lot of my day thinking about digital employee experience, learning and well-being. Which is why “to see beyond the features and focus on what the technology” can enable, invite, and inspire.  Especially as we spend a lot of time thinking about hybrid work environments of late.  It is paramount we become perspective seekers.  On a journey to belonging, inclusion and human centered design. 

Today during a Club House room, we spent a great deal of time speaking about the importance of capturing the user journey in a quest to ensure that every employee feels welcomed, valued, and supported.  All the while aspiring to create engagement and equal opportunities. 

As we think about digital experience, what are we doing to capture the sentiment along the journey.  Whether they are on their learning or buyers’ journey, our hope is to create digital experiences that foster the willingness of the user on their journey to tap in.  Not just to chat, interact or collaborate, but more importantly their wellbeing.  The scope far expands beyond the digital experience.  It is the intersection of the human and digital experience with focus on the whole-being. 
In the meantime, I will continue my relentless pursuit of intent to empower the world to flourish.