Chilean Miner Story Inspires Communities to Connect through New Media

These men that are getting shuttled up out of the earth in the Phoenix 2 exemplify heroes in Chile.  Truly they have demonstrated strength, faith, leadership and humanity in their perilous experience being trapped under ground for over two months.

This rescue is a great example of transparency in communications and new forms of partnering.   This really is unprecedented partnering across governments, countries, private sector, broadcast journalism and new media.  Just check out the hash tag, Chilean Miner or fuerzamineros, it’s trending on Twitter, clogging email boxes and causing slow load times in comment sections on major on-line news agencies. 

An impossible hole to drill they were told.   However, the drillers didn’t allow that concept to stop them, rather they persevered despite the insurmountable odds.  They were able to talk to experts around the globe, while communicating with the trapped miners and Chilean authors together to problem solve.  Now that is community!

Imagine if we as community leaders had two months to be trapped in a dark living room to re think our approaches to day to day work.    How would we begin to ‘change’ our behavior to open up our hearts and minds to new approaches to interacting with our customers, members and supply chain?  This story is a call to action for each of us as community leaders to think about each day taking a step in a direction that is unknown, unprecedented and unfamiliar with the faith in others around us to partner to take us on a learning journey. 

Communities of Practice often find themselves successful in organizations as they tend to solve business problems.  But what about opening up our Employee to Employee Communities to connect with our Business to Community Channels and consider using these as new forums to truly solve business problems.   I have been talking to many organizations and can’t seem to find any yet doing this work, but I’m very interested to talk to be a part of this learning journey.