Jive World 2014: “Engaging the organization”

Constellation Research Connected Enterprise 2013: “Next Generation Customer Experience”

Jive World 2013: “Transform the customer experience”

Jive Summer School 2013: “Transform the Customer Experience with In Sync Account Management”

CPSquare Shadow the Leader 2011: “Talent Network Case Study”

Executive Networks Talent Management Network Forum 2010: “Engaging Talent Communities”

American society of training development in Sierra Nevada 2009: “Communities of Practice”

Executive Networks Talent and Leadership Development Network 2008: “Communities of Practice and Networks”

Executive Networks Chief Learning Officers Forum 2008: “Communities of Practice”

Communities and Technologies Conference 2007 at Michigan State University: CoPs and Coaching

KM& Intranets World 2005: Moderator for KM Strategies Track

USC Marshall School of Business, 2003 and 2004: “KM & Culture”

Content World October 2003: “Implementing a Content Collection Strategy”

CP square’s CP week 2003: Novell Case Clinic



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