Consulting and coaching rates are available in a variety of packages, such as hourly, weekly, bi monthly or monthly programs that are either e-consulting/coaching or face to face services. These can be structured for either individuals, groups and/or communities. These programs are customized to meet the business goals and desires of our clients.

Lauren Klein has over 20 years of experience in the systems industry and has expertise in a variety of areas such as:
*Strong Communication Skills
*External Speaking
*Presentation and Facilitation Skills
* Mentoring
*Creating Partnerships
*Knowledge Management
*Communities of Practice
*Process Improvement
*Business Analysis
*Performance Management
*Organizational Learning
*Methodology Development
*Development and Training Delivery of Learning Programs
*Culture Development
*Change Management
*Informal Learning Strategies
*Virtual Team Building
*Performance Management


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I can work with your business to ensure that the philosophy of social business and communities are integrated into your business strategy. As a consultant, I can setup coaching arrangements, give advice and/or be staffed as a team member. I can also work with executives and leaders to develop a strategy, re-design a social business or community operating model and/or play a role in the management team. Examples of this work can include:
• Designing the overall social business and community strategy which includes identification, design, development and launch plans to activate and engage communities
• Working to ensure that social business strategy and communities are a part of the corporate culture, performance management programs and key behaviors for your company.
• Building assimilation, momentum, engagement and education programs that foster a creative, innovative and transparent community where the members can easily connect, share and learn together.
• Define job descriptions and recruit for key community roles.
• Recruiting, coaching and training community managers, moderators and leaders.
• Assist in selecting features for a true community-oriented technology solution.


I design, develop and deliver Community of Practice training workshops that introduce, reinforce and inspire community coordinators, moderators and leaders on the basics of Community Culture and taking them to the next level.


I can perform content audits, community design assessments and identify organization needs to support the client’s social business or community strategy.


I speak at professional conferences and events, act as a moderator or can sit on panels at many types of events. I am available to participate in recruiting activities at career fair events. The topics include;
• Social Selling
• Community Basics
• What is a community weaver?
• Effective community communication techniques
• Creating community cultivation plans
• Successful community leadership programs
• How to start a social business community
• Gaining leadership support for your community programs
• Working within difficult communities

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