Business Leader Investing in Social Change and Courageous Leadership


Sometimes you have those discussions with business leaders who you know just ‘get’ your niche business.  Well, this was the case with Mario Morino and me recently.  Talk about fresh wind.  He is investing in Social Change through helping philanthropy.  So when he launched into discussions around building high performing cultures that innovate, take risks and cultivate courageous leadership, I was all ears.  In fact, he has published a book called Leap of Reason and has a website full of articles, speeches, videos and guides that all build on that book. 


He is a visionary around building entrepreneurship, eLearning and business ambassadors.  His no airs style is direct and bursting with prickly truths that are refreshing around constructs such as community leadership, community business models, monetization and community business processes. 

He understands that social business and communities will take decades for us as leaders, entrepreneurs and businesses to understand it.  This is a paradigm shift, or as he calls it, “the Manhattan Project all over again.”  We must find wants to truly understand the power of network intelligence.  This is so much more than using #big data construct. 


I found his charter at Venture Philanthropy Partners (VPP) refreshing in how they approach learning with their investment partners and how they realize innovation while strengthening nonprofit organizations.   

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