Small Business Owners Give a Hoot

Hootsuite Fans!

Small business has yet to fully embrace Twitter for fear of losing control, concerns over taxing resources or simply put, lack adequate training.  I started to comprehend their concerns while hosting a #HootupReno.  Despite their earnest interest in new media marketing, these small business owners were keen to learn something fresh and new, while focusing on driving business results. As female leaders, they openly shared stories about protecting their overtaxed workforce, staying on top of cultural trends and the competitive marketplace.  Yet, what I was surprised to discuss at great length, was the brand protection strategies each business leader employed for their industry, for investing in marketing and also managing on twitter the unknown social followers.  Fear of detracting from the brand through a few ‘bad’ followers, was the most spirited conversation.

After demonstrating the value of using social productivity tools, like Hootsuite, and through sharing stories, we equipped them with new tools for their boxes and in some cases strengthened their ability to steer their ships while navigating difficult economic conditions.  In fact, several business owners left port to embark upon a journey with new friends in their crew after this meet up.  They are now venturing in uncharted waters while staying connecting through social media to share their sailing ventures with one another.

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