Top TEN – for the Community Weaver “To Do List”

  1. Be Authentic – don’t try to be someone that you are not – just be yourself – be authentic with who you are and
  2. Make Offers – give something –whether it is advice, a hand written note, a mention on twitter or a shout on during a meeting.  Always find a way to ‘give’ authentically and often with every interaction.
  3. Recognize – praise, recognize and attribute work to the sources that you received support, inspiration or provocation
  4. Read. Refract. Read. Refract. – spend at least 10% of your day reading twitter, catching up on RSS for your favorite blogs and/or influencers, but do spend time staying fresh for your personal and professional development.
  5. Know Thy Customer. – invest time to learn about what your customers are doing and saying on the internet so that you can relate to their opportunities and challenges.
  6. Focus on Context – do invest to think about another person’s context, their persona and/or situation before you jump to a solution and/or recommendation.
  7. Be a Profound Listener – it’s very important to spend a large portion of your day actively listening to your customers, reviewing notes, reflecting, journaling, blogging or meditating about what you have heard so that you can incorporate this into your next conversation.
  8. Say No – many wise people remind us often to say no – not every customer interaction has to be a yes answer – sometimes it’s the approach in which we engage that can soften the ‘no’ and/or allow us to setup the no conversation into something that is positive or impactful.
  9. Ask for Help – invest time to ask your mentors, colleagues, peers and customers for help.  Sometimes it’s as simple as asking them to clarify a question, present a proposal or recommend a counter proposal.
  10. Do Disconnect – make sure to carve out frequent time to disconnect from your electronics and day job (s) so you can replenish your creativity well.  Make time for much needed staycations, oblications or vacations.

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