Fan Communities & Communications Channel Management

To accommodate the widest group of memberships in the variety of channels, I’ve seen many organizations harness the power of new media to build out divisions, companies or revenue streams.  It’s truly an exciting time and I’m honored to be a small piece of this storm season.

During this social community conversation, this organization was taking a look at existing divisions with an eye for soon to be launched divisions to harness the power of social into their business planning.  The conversation was endless because this creative organization and leadership are just ‘those people’ we enjoy working with as they are open to new possibilities,willing to take risks and get the importance of the movemement.  They were thinking about their licensing division that is responsible for merchandising.  We discussed to blend new media channels with Face Book, Twitter in conjunctions with traditional communications (direct mail, email or phone calls) to in person focus group, red carpet or product launches.

Authenticity is key for all communications and if we are open, transparent and fresh – you will find this new approach to networks and community design influential in the networked world. Many fan communities are finding that if you are fresh, unique and original in your approach, according to online fandom, you can keep your fans engaged.   I’ve found that by inviting in a skilled community weaver into the channel, they can become a broker for connections and conversations, as well as an individual that can field questions and mediate conflict.  Many fan communities are now connecting like minded individuals across the globe to extend the social relationship beyond a film, a brand or a concept – but building relationships out of the fan based relationship into new relationships with other individuals’ causes, issues and/or products.  Examples include an artist that has launched a new record, has a tour planned, but also has a cause and/or other mentees that they want to bring up through their fan base.  The collaborative possibilities are endless when you are able to relate to the community in an authentic and human manner.

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