Authenticity in Communities

With all the brand driven community focus of late, I was grateful for the blog post on HBR by Joe Pine titled, “Authenticity: Are You Delivering What Consumers Want?”  If you spend your days thinking about your social media channels, networking competencies or cultivation plans – it’s well worth the read. It allows you to get clarity of mind around the importance and power of your words and how that can impact the human experience.  I have found repeatedly over the years that my ability to profoundly listen, find relatedness and be authentic –it’s like a great pumpkin pie recipe, it works every time to create authentic memories, conversation and relationships. 

If you are starting to explore the importance of communications and the lasting impact they can have in B2B, B2C or E2E communities – I would also like to encourage a very different type of book, one by Dr. Brown called, “The Gifts of Imperfection” as she takes you on a journey to live wholeheartedly using a framework for being vulnerable and authentic.

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