Courage, Compassion & Connection – The 3 C’s of Community

Most extraordinary community weavers that I’ve met over the years have the three C’s.

1.)     Courage.  They are courageous people that are living wholeheartedly, authentic, vulnerable and comfortable with their own imperfections.  These are individuals that understand the power of owning your personal journey or story and take on new business imperatives with great commitment and passion.  They don’t fear the unknown as much they fear the mundane and they have the courage to highlight the distinctions.  They are also individuals that know what is best for the community on a visceral level and don’t allow the major things that get in the way to destroy the need to tend, nurture and cultivate the communities.

2.)    Compassion.  Community Weavers are warm in demeanor, they have a deep understanding toward others circumstances.  For example, they are able to relate to their sufferings, failures, and feelings.  They are mindful individuals that are balanced in their approach to the their communities.  They are able to relate community members situation in a manner that doesn’t exaggerate and/or involve judgment, rather just fact.

3.)    Connection.  These individuals thrive when they are in communities and networks because they are problem solvers, they desire the knitting together of people to people, people to information or people to other entities.  It’s just in their DNA, their bones as the saying goes.  It is what motivates them to get up and move every single day.

In this sharing economy the role of the three C’s has become even more important to organizational cultures, creativity and growth.  It’s central with the big C for this stage in our human and organizational evolution.

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