Social Artistry, Communication & Diplomacy – Core Weaver Competencies

During a recent trip to Mexico, I was inspired by this Mexican gold, as the sunset depicts.  Yet today during a call with Andrea Weckerle, the founder of  Civil Nation I was reminded that I have an obligation to give back to the beauty of our world as a master community weaver around core competencies for networking as I’m developing a competency framework for community managers. 

Social is now part of the way we work, it’s how our kids learn in school, how students interact in college and how many of us are working within our day to day jobs, whether we like it or not.  Therefore, I’ve found it useful to document key skills and abilities for the roles such as; community managers, super connectors, community weavers and digital ambassadors.    Perhaps what is the most interesting is how valuable the key skills of trust, authenticity, conflict resolution, communications and leadership are for the future leaders within our organizations.

What do you think about these three core competencies for an entry level community manager?  I welcome your input and hope to continue the conversation together as we help to create a bevy of trusted and authentic community weavers.

Three Core Competencies

Core Community Weaver Competencies

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