Agility – a muscle we must flex as community weavers

Weavers have years of experience to navigate the myriad of details and possibilities when interacting with someone in person, on twitter, over the phone or via email.  We spend the time we need to listen and move forward at the same time which can be a difficult set of skills that many may not want to invest in as it’ requires tight rope walking agility.

We are able to bring in a different tone and approach to every new member on-boarding call that may allow for us to just ‘listen’ or perhaps name dropping or event content or next practice sharing.  Sometimes we have to drive value creation quickly by sharing tips, lessons learned etc. in a masterful way.   Yet we need to be authentic, kind, patient and supportive in order for the member experience to be highly value oriented, informational and insightful that could result in major take always for individuals.

We work with members in ways that allow us to fill in gaps that they may not be aware that they have, we can also help them to aspire to a new level of connectedness and/or perhaps just help them to drive their own performance or leadership.

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