Got Community MOJO?

Have you read MOJO by Marshall Goldsmith?  It felt accessible to read, understand and follow.  I found many of the stories were from his executive clients and quite relevant to community weavers.

As a community weaver, I’m often reflecting on methods and practices to engage members, like this diagram that I’m evolving right now.


Let me know if you would like to join this conversation?

In the meantime, I wanted to share more on the Community Moro concept that I believe influences how we engage with members.  So the questions I try to ask myself based off Marshall’s book as a network weaver are?

  • Have I spoken to optimistic person today?
  • Have I done a random act of community kindness?
  • Have I carved out time to journal my reflections of the day?
  • Have I asked for candid feedback?
  • Have I incorporated been able to re-direct myself when needed?
  • Have I personally contributed in a member conversation in one of my networks today?  
  • Have I shared learning with a colleague?
  • Have I made progress toward getting things done easier in some aspect of my day?
  • Have I spoken on voice to a member/customer today?
  • I often think to myself – who knows, some day I may write a book about all the conversations I’m having.  Just like Emily Yellin did recently.

Okay now back to evolving the reflections and document…..

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