Imagine, Compose, Cultivate

When I’m in the zone, I spend time imagining what conceptual models could look like for communities or conversations about them.   I think about cultivation techniques and sustainability.   It’s the Magic 8 Ball sensing that I have that allows me to compose.  Then, I start to reach out to the brilliant people I know who would connect with the cause, mission or company.  This is how it begins.   Find the right people you can motivate and then bring out their leadership potential.

There are amazing resources available on starting Communities on the web, but if you would like to talk about targeting your search, just email me and I’m happy to point a few in your direction whether they are social CRM, B2C, or E2E projects.  I would encourage you to implement these models with a highly strategic and collaborative approach in order to to “ideate, compose and cultivate’ these communities.

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