New Media and the World Cup

Thank you to new media, I can now share my passion for the Mexican soccer team by clipping on my virtual twibbon onto my Twitter account or follow the World Cup #TweatBeat, or simply by using a hashflag like #mex.  I can see what celebrities are saying, who is following them, following the game, and so on.  I could spend 24 hours around the clock following the following.

How is Twitter impacting our experience as communities?  Are we now able to draw ourselves closer to our sports, our passions and/or our colleagues?  Or do these new media technologies drive us a bit further apart, as it’s just too easy now to send out an instant message, a text, a tweet or an email?  I’ve often wondered if this is going to create a society of individuals that don’t know how to communicate the old fashion way (speaking face to face with words and watching for body movements for expression).  Disengagement, misinterpretation and violent communication could become a persistent issue for our society.  So, what do you think?

 I do have to admit that I enjoy the play by play reports on the ground from average citizens who has a real world perspective on the ground in South Africa.  Yet, I’m still left hungering to feel the wind blow as the energy from the ‘wave’ moves through the stadium, the loud noises, the national pride and emotion just isn’t quite the same as it is in person.  I only wish my computer could emit smells like a good Las Vegas Casino to elicit the smell of sweat, beer and passion, then and only then perhaps I could allow myself to ‘be there’.

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