Communities with extreme characters and characteristics

Nevada Box Canyon Poppy

There is a private collection on loan at the Nevada Museum of Art where I explored the Baroque World of Fernando Botero which inspired this post.

Botero finds interconnectedness of realities.  He is able to convey his awareness of the distinctions between traditional and modern life.  I found the personal connection as a community composer to my work which I attempt to outline with a story.

I live most of my days in vibrant on-line communities with bold individuals who have amazing stories of changing lives through their passions, deeds and discreet weavings.  I’m a member of a community of parents who connect around the life and death experiences we share every day with our children who suffer from life threatening food allergies.  This community is serious, yet heartfelt.  We see boldness in our children who are taunted for being different if they cannot drink milk out of a carton.  We watch them go through teenage years where they are afraid to inject themselves with medicine to save their lives due to peer pressure.  We watch them turn colors, cough all the while we are hoping, praying and injecting these helpless creatures with steroids.  We console them in the emergency room, while  we listen to the ‘tick tock’ of the clock hoping that it will all just go away.  We live these paintings that are bold, rich and convincing, but in a real life frame.  This is why we are good community weavers, because we are able to interconnect realities.   Not only are we vibrant like this Nevada canyon poppy, but we have brutal lives as depicted in Botero’s paintings.

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