Trust Your Journey with a hum, buzz and click

Today the REAL WOMEN of the BLC (Biggest Little City) ventured up 36 flights of stairs committed not only to the American Lung Association of Nevada’s 2nd Annual Stair climb, but inspiring our children, families and onlookers to consider having faith to trust they could realize the unattainable, in this case 36 flights of stairs.  These women depict the essence of the blog I posted several weeks ago about what it takes to be a community weaver.  These women are involved with non-profits, they are tireless in their support for education and the physical community in Reno.  So, it was fitting to sport these comfortable organic T-shirts from Trust Your Journey as women who are a tribute to women that care about what make communities hum, buzz and click.    We took time out of our busy lives today to commit yet again to the community that we live in through humming to the DJ, buzzing about to broker a few connections between people who hadn’t yet met, or listening to the clicks in our brains, taking it all in and wondering how we can incorporate the feeling we are all having during this monumental day into other events in the future.

One thought on “Trust Your Journey with a hum, buzz and click

  1. Beautiful blog! The connects we make within our communities are those pieces of gold that make life just right -through the good, hard and rough times. What a blessing yesterday was for so many of us.

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