Transparency in Communities – One Size Does NOT Fit All

Today I reviewed in Wikipedia all the different forms of transparency and started to wonder about this notion and how it can apply to some Communities, but not others? 

As community builders, we understand the importance of honoring each relationship.  I work with several large high trust communities where our membership has different areas of interest, focus and passion.  At Executive Networks I choose to honor each individual conversation and only share content when the author has agreed to share it in a public community garden/space.  Therefore, I’m left wondering if this would be considered “lacking transparency”.    Yes, it would, as it involves individual judgment as Community Connector in the network.  In this specific example, I’m playing the role of a human Google search appliance.  I look for opportunities to invite individual members to connect with each other based on what I know, sense and hear – but I allow them to be the judge and determine if they want to share their ‘warts’ or their experiences, practices and programs with others in a more public space.  After all, individuals need to ‘stand for’ something and only they can determine ‘what’ they want to ‘stand for’ in terms of their on line persona or otherwise.  I’m just brokering a conversation, a possibility and a new consideration.

Thanks to Jessica for inspiring me to post a few thoughts today.

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