The Secret Sauce – Authenticity

I’ve been interviewing prospective community managers for a client and have found myself in several discussions around the ‘right fit’ or ‘the secret sauce’ for a Community Connection Director role.    Like humpback whales I that was fortunate to view in the Pacific Ocean last week, they are steady, strong and magestic. 

It has become clear to me over the years of hiring these types of individuals that you need to look for individuals that are consistently looking to make their interactions memorable to their community members.  They are mindful and respectful.  They act in ways that allow their community members to realize that they genuinely feel honored to be engaging with them.  They strive to leave impressions that will last a lifetime.    There isn’t an agenda that has layers like a great baklava, no, they are servant leaders.  They are able to instinctively know how to act in new situations and all the while they are true to their own personality, spirit and character, despite any pressures they are facing.

Although I haven’t formally used tests for Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence, this may be something to consider.

I suppose it boils down to an individual’s actions and words.  What have they personally engaged with in terms of communities, leadership and authentic conversations?  I welcome your additional thoughts, ideas and comments.

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