Community Composers are “IN”

Several people have DMed me about my Twitter bio lately, what do you do?  For example, “I like your Twitter bio [Community Composer & Strategist] … especially the “composer” part… what do you do?  Here was another question:  “Community Composer”.  Intriguing.  What is that exactly “

Recently I had the opportunity to experience, Raphael’s “Woman with the Veil” and it occurred to me that I’m a composer, an innovator and an architect. We are individuals that ‘put together’ as the Latin word suggests, us weavers, we have an inert sense we have acquired over the years that allows us to see connections and we broker them, whether it’s a doctor that specializes in a particular area, or an Executive leading a strategic executive program, we are looking for openings and the right time that we can deliver high value for their time through that linking, bridging and connecting.   

We spend our days thinking about personal motivations, interpretation, context and leadership.  Weavers sleep, dream, consume and compose in the Loom Factory.  We spend our time helping others create inspiring and nourishing places of high value and high trust.  We work with colleagues, customers, prospects, coaches and clients in order to setup interactions that foster new possibilities.  We have profound abilities and success in community weaving and are admired, but don’t spend time to share our stories, as we are too ambitious and productive.  Intellectualism and social skills are also critical characteristics that weavers possess.

As community weavers, we have to adapt and assimilate our styles depending on the community we are weaving within, across or amongst.  We compose new styles and innovations along the way.  We are creating community footprints, social memories, stories and art – it is similar to writing music, it just happens to be in the form of a community.

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